A Summary of Hokkaido Education Research Institute


The Hokkaido Education Research Institute began in a room of the Hokkaido Prefectural Library in 1949, and has been working on the promotion of education and research and training projects in Hokkaido for more than 60 years. 

The Hokkaido Education Research Institute has been popular with teachers in Hokkaido for many years under the name, “Doken”. Many retired teachers have remarked, “Doken was a turning point for me as a teacher. The Doken’s research helped us greatly in the development of our school.” 

Hokkaido Board of Education developed a vision of Hokkaido education in 2008 to clarify the aims of education in Hokkaido. Doken has developed various projects to apply leading educational philosophy to address globalization, aging society, and a constantly changing information age. 

Doken strives to foster the healthy growth of children in Hokkaido through educational initiatives. The promotion of Education and Research is always at the forefront of Doken seminars. The staff at Doken are committed to improve the quality of education in Hokkaido by strengthening the ability of teachers, as well as providing counseling for the people of Hokkaido who require assistance. Nurturing a spirit of self-reliance and responsibility, Doken seeks to develop Hokkaido into a prospering society mindful of the future in this naturally abundant northern land. All students, parents and teachers in Hokkaido are encouraged to take advantage of the various opportunities Doken offers for personal and professional development. 

Study and Training Works : To train teachers that make up the core of Community and School. 

Enhancing professional skills though training seminars

"Management training school","Teaching training","Training course instruction","Pupil guidance training","Information Processing Education training","Science Education training","Develop a regional leader","Foreign language activities","Training Seminars of Foreign Language Activities for Elementary School Teachers","Workshops for Junior and Senior High school English Teachers" and "Special Science" 

Current Issues Seminar 

"Disaster Prevention education"," Home country education" and "Information morals education", "Environmental education" 

Basic training Seminar 

"Training Seminar for New Teachers" and "Skill Development Seminar for Veteran Teachers with over 10 years experience" 

Free Plan 

Training Seminars according to requests from individuals and groups 

Training Seminar outside Doken 

Doken supports schools and district education research institutes by sharing its staff. 

Doken gives open lectures in the community. 

Doken cooperates with other education research institutes in Hokkaido. 

Research and Survey – Doken researches useful topics on current educational issues. 

Research Study of Prevention of bullying 

Research Study of Self-instruction capability of students 

Research Study of The innovative teaching method and result of a school 

Research Study to Improve problem solving capability of students 

Research Study of Information Processing Education 

Research Study of Science Education 

Research Study of E-Learning 

Editing of the Hokkaido history of education 

School Consultation – Doken supports training and research of schools. 

Support to schools about research relevant subjects 

IPEC Office Hour 

Supporting Curriculum Room 

The Supporting Curriculum Room has educational books that can help improve the curriculum- 

building of schools. It also has magazines, plans of instructions, teaching plans. 

Educational Counseling – Doken helps to solve the worries of parents and students. 

Doken addresses “in-school” challenges like bullying with meetings, telephone support and e-mail  (Telephone support and e-mail are provided 24 hours a day.) 

Other educational promotion enterprises 

The Information Processing Education Center is committed to the promotion of Information processing education. 

Online training for high schools of Hokkaido 

The Science Education Center is committed to the promotion of science education. 

Science Classes with Parents and Children 

Science Classes with the mobile science lab 

Experimental Science Classes for Junior High School Students 

Other Projects 

Publicity work aiming to support of schools 

Holding of educational seminars 

Provide of the Lecturer to schools and related organizations 

Enterprises of the Hokkaido teaching laboratory league 

Domin College 



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